Monday, October 17, 2011

happy monday...

well i finished my midterm last night around 11p...whew, another test down. honestly, i do love school though. i am learning a huge amount and loving every minute of it. i'm so looking forward to graduating and putting it all to good use. in the meantime, the hubby and i are on yet another road trip. this week we left maine on sunday and traveled down to the beautiful sunshine and warmth of miami, florida. i really want to spread my wings and make the leap to move of these days. it was our plan to look at an apt in the tampa area while we were there, but it didn't work out. then on the way back up north we got a call from our sweet punkin pie, olivia. she is our 2 year old grandbaby. she counted for me, her new accomplishment; i swear that child is a prodigy :) she also said words that made thoughts of warm florida sunshine slip away like a drifting dream; she said, "nana papa come." all i could think of was getting on the first flight home and scooping that little bundle of lovelyness up into my arms and never letting go. the love i feel for her is all encompassing and my heart swells when i hear your beautiful little voice. i remember when her mother was little and sometimes when i looked at her i felt that my heart would burst with happiness...i have that again with her baby girl.
i am truly blessed. my hubby and i count ourselves very lucky. in a world obsessed with material possessions, we truly have learned what is most important to us. we have sold and given away most of our possessions more than once only to reaccumulate all of it again. we hold onto things that have no monetary value but hold value beyond rationale in our hearts. sometimes i freak out because i think we should fit into a mold society has created, then i take a deep break, step back and realize that we are exactly where we want to be! happy monday :)