Sunday, January 22, 2012


School is now in session! I just started my spring semester and I'm digging in with determination. I'm taking a class that I am intimidated by...microbiology. I am also taking pharmacology which I think will be very interesting. I suppose bio will be too, but much more complicated.

I have also started a new job. I am working overnights so it doesn't mess with my school schedule. So the crazy schedule begins! But I'm not complaining. Life is good; I adore my little family, paychecks are coming and Im enjoying school.

But, right now I need to do homework so I gotta run!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

wow that was scary...

okay i pride myself on software knowledge but i really have no idea about the guts that reside in my laptop. recently, my laptop starting overheating and shutting down. well, i can't have that. my plan was to take it to the geek squad tomorrow and have them check it out. however, i am a very impatient person and like to solve problems on my own so...
i googled it! so i got a diagram of how to dig deep and get to the fan. i was able to get it all apart, i cleaned a big lint ball out of the fan and put her all back together. it turns on! success. i'll have to wait a little while to see if the fan kicks in or if it shuts down but i'm proud of myself for taking on the challenge. so now, if it doesn't work, i can tell the geek squad that i already cleaned the fan and they will be so impressed...right?!!

i love an irish pub...

hubby and i had a blast the other night! we stopped at our favorite local pub feile here in wells. i love the building this restaurant/pub is in. it was built approx 1800. i love old buildings they have so much character.
i wore my best pirate boots (yes, i said pirate! i bought these in the clearance halloween section. i often shop in the halloween section) and braved the wind and snow...perhaps not the best combo but i do have a goal of wearing heels more often :) so off we went.
our friend tom was bartending and he's an excellent bartender; always suggesting great new beers plus he makes kickass cosmos.
we had some irish nachos which were amazingly delicious. then we made some new friends while we listen to silly people do karaoke. now i have been known to partake in the karaoke, but luckily i didn't go that way friday night. believe me, it isn't pretty!

so anyway, i highly recommend stopping in feile's if you are in the area.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


it's getting pretty cold up here in the northeast and i've been needing a scarf so i took a swing into michael's crafts and found some beautiful chunky soft yarn that was perfect for a scarf. i also grabbed a size K crochet hook. i brought it all home and sat in from of the TV tuned my favorite afternoon past time...judge judy :)

i worked this scarf up in just a few short hours and i absolutely love it. it is super soft and warm. my daughter saw it today and loved it so i will be back at michael's tomorrow for another batch of yarn.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

list of lists

i have decided that there is way too more about me than simply crafts. i have lots of facets and i've decided to change the blog to reflect many of the things that bring beauty and happiness into my life.

in my pursuit to change things up here at the blog i have added a page called list of lists. i have started the page by creating a list of goals for the new year. i'm not big into resolutions so that's not what its about. it is about living the fullest life i can with what i've been blessed with.

so, check it and leave a comment on your goals for the year. i'd love to hear from you!

Sunday, January 1, 2012


i had such high hopes for this past week. i wanted to create some new projects, pack away the christmas decorations, get the tree outside and the like. then i got sick :( i was able to get a couple things done. i made a step stool so i can climb up into our awesome bed (check out the post on the new bedframe). I got the tree outside and vacuumed needles out of the rug multiple times :) i had my beautiful, amazing, and brilliant granddaughter over for a night. then it happened...i developed a horrendous cold/flu and was down for the next three days. i was completely miserable, but i'm finally over the hump and getting better. although i did think i was going to puke in walmart today :b thankfully that didn't happen. i'm looking forward to a new year...i'm looking forward to an adventurous year! peace & love