Thursday, December 29, 2011

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step stool...

whew...busy day! my hubby is away and i've been super busy working on some projects. later today my precious baby granddaughter is coming to spend the night so i wanted to get my step stool built and clean-up before she gets here. after hubby and i built our new bed frame that is very high i decided that a little step stool would be a cute addition in the bedroom. yesterday i took a ride to home depot and picked up some wood, glue, and wood filler. this is the first wood working project that i have worked on by myself without any help from hubby so i was pretty excited to see how i did. it was a learning experience that i very much enjoyed. these are my bits with their intial cuts done...
I started by using my jig saw to create the shape i wanted for the sides of the stool. i must admit that the cuts were not 100% perfect, but i was still very happy with it. next came a hurdle. i have never drilled pilot home or countersunk screws so i had to figure out (through trial and error) with bits would be best for the pilot holes and the countersinking. Yay, figured it would pretty quickly. then i attached the support pieces. at this point i was pretty proud of myself!
all that was left of the build was to attach to treads. super easy part. then i took it outside and gave it a good so i thought sanding. it is really cold out today, low 20's but i was anxious and impatient (i love instant gradification) so i decided to paint it too. i mean how could i stop when i was so close to doneness?!
woo hoo my first solo build. may not seem like much, but i'm thrilled :) what i learned... i need to sand better, i need more practice with the jigsaw, and gloves are a must when i spray paint...completely wrecked my manicure :|

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

so cute...

Tip Junkie handmade projects
i love these little cuties! i made these today after thinking about it for ages. i bought some plain ceramic tiles at home depot and found these adorable pics.

can't wait to make more!

moving on...

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okay, christmas is over and my etsy store needs some serious attention. so do some projects around the house. hubby and i needed a new bed frame. i have been looking on craigslist for a new one without much luck. we dont have room for a headboard and foodboard, only a frame. our other obstacle is that since our apartment is so tiny, we need all the storage we can possibly carve out. so...we decided to build a new frame that would be high enough to allow us to put storage bins underneath.

we started with the essentials...a nice glass of pinot grigio for the mrs and a corona for the mr.

then it was time to get down to bed frame business! first order was to build the "box." we have a queen sized bed so the measurements were 60x80. hubby is so cute in blue :)

the next step was to add some supports to the corners to help the legs with stability. then we added the center supports. we had originally planned to add strapping across the supports, but realized we didn't really need them.

next we built the legs by simply securing two 2x4's together and securing to the frame. it came out exactly like we wanted and it hides an abundance of junkexcellent stuff underneath :)now i need to build a step so i can get in and out!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

ornaments...of course

while hubby and i were prowling the country i was putting together these cute little mitten ornaments. i love how they came out and they were fun to make. i used a blanket stitch to hold them together and stuffed them a little.

i made all the ornaments on the tree this year. i have dried orange slices, the mittens, some twine balls, real cranberry garland, and paper stars. it was a much different tree than we usually have and i really like it. oh, i always made a ruffled tree skirt for it.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

advent calendar...

I have been seeing lots of advent
calendars everywhere and decided to try my hand at it. I decided on the pottery barn knock off so I went to my local dollar store to see what supplies I could find. I picked up some paper thanksgiving cup on clearance and bamboo sticks. At home I had some black paint, twine and number stickers.
So, I painted the cups and poked holes in them. While the paint dried I strung together the bamboo sticks. Here is is!

Monday, November 7, 2011

revamped room divider

i've had a very productive few days and i'm thrilled by it! my hubby has been away working so i've been left to my own devices. while i haven't gotten any homeword done, i have gotten a few projects done :) the first thing i want to say it OUCH chicken wire hurts! i have the scratches and scrapes to prove it. as i am definately not a farm kinda girl i have zero experience with chicken wire, but being true to myself i did not let that stop me for a second. hubby and i stopped into the local hardware store the other day and picked up a roll of wire. i stuck it in the corner knowing i would get to it soon. today was the day...i pulled the old floral fabric from the room divider that used to serve as our headboard. then i dry brushed (more or less) it black. because i like to live on the edge i did this on the livingroom rug with no regard for whether i'd slop it around. this is my typical fashion :) luck was on my side and i didn't get any on the rug...that i've noticed anyway. hmmm might be because of the pinot grigio...anyway, i finished painting then started cutting up the chicken wire.
i pushed through the sting of the scratches and got that dang wire cut up. i will not be defeated! then i used my handy dandy staple gun and attached the wire.
i am very happy with how it came out. this divider originally belonged to my husband's grandmother. when she passed away we scooped it up as a momento. it became our shabby chic headboard for a few years and now has a primitive prominence in our living room. i love how it looks and i know (even though he doesn't say it) that hubby loves that something of his memerre's still adorns our home.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

something new...

well, i haven't started cutting up my wedding dress yet...i'm kinda nervous about doing it. so...i made another little cutie today instead :) I love these pockets; if i do say so myself! I made a set of four pockets. i think these would be fantastic for a holiday dinner party. what i particularly love about these is the medallion that i used on the ribbon. it can be taken off and taken by guests as a keepsake. i through them up on my etsy account...we'll see how it goes. i did sell a bench this week, so i'm super excited about that.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

the wedding dress...dun dun dun

well, hubby and i have moved into the tiniest apartment we have every lived in and we love it! the challenge is weeding out things we have been dragging around for years that we no longer have room to store. one of these things is my wedding dress. i love, love, love my dress. it is very me and very princessie...i have decided to turn it into something(s) else so that i can enjoy the dress daily instead of it wasting away in a bag. there are my ideas so far... make a couple pillowcase with a tulle ruffle make some satin flowers to decorate a headband make little tulle poms to decorate my christmas tree make some big poms to decorate my bedroom create a small veil for the eventual vow renewal i'm open to any and all ideas pertaining to what i have mentioned or something i haven't thought of yet! Please feel free to share your creativity with me...

Monday, October 17, 2011

happy monday...

well i finished my midterm last night around 11p...whew, another test down. honestly, i do love school though. i am learning a huge amount and loving every minute of it. i'm so looking forward to graduating and putting it all to good use. in the meantime, the hubby and i are on yet another road trip. this week we left maine on sunday and traveled down to the beautiful sunshine and warmth of miami, florida. i really want to spread my wings and make the leap to move of these days. it was our plan to look at an apt in the tampa area while we were there, but it didn't work out. then on the way back up north we got a call from our sweet punkin pie, olivia. she is our 2 year old grandbaby. she counted for me, her new accomplishment; i swear that child is a prodigy :) she also said words that made thoughts of warm florida sunshine slip away like a drifting dream; she said, "nana papa come." all i could think of was getting on the first flight home and scooping that little bundle of lovelyness up into my arms and never letting go. the love i feel for her is all encompassing and my heart swells when i hear your beautiful little voice. i remember when her mother was little and sometimes when i looked at her i felt that my heart would burst with happiness...i have that again with her baby girl.
i am truly blessed. my hubby and i count ourselves very lucky. in a world obsessed with material possessions, we truly have learned what is most important to us. we have sold and given away most of our possessions more than once only to reaccumulate all of it again. we hold onto things that have no monetary value but hold value beyond rationale in our hearts. sometimes i freak out because i think we should fit into a mold society has created, then i take a deep break, step back and realize that we are exactly where we want to be! happy monday :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

can't wait...

okay i am super busy but i wanted to check in and let you know that i am so excited about a new opportunity! my hubby and i are moving into a new place in a couple weeks and i can't wait to get started making it ours. i am also excited about sharing it here :) but, right now i am behind on my homework and i started a new job yesterday. i am also planning a birthday party for my 2 year old granddaughter for sunday. i plan on posting some pics. i found an incredible pic on pinterest of a sand castle cake and i plan on making that. it should be a fun challenge. its funny really that i plan big parties for her because i always planned big parties for my daughter when she was little and a usually ended up in tears because i tried so hard to make it perfect...hopefully the history of tears won't continue with the party planning!!
see ya soon...

Monday, September 19, 2011

its been awhile...

I feel bad that I haven't written lately. even if I am the only one reaing it! Things have very out of sorts for us over the last couple weeks. We found out on a Thursday that we needed to naive out of our apt by the following Sunday. Needless to say, this was pretty stressful news. We hot the uhaul, some beer and some friends and we knocked it out. So, now all our stuff is in storage and we are at a hotel until we find another place. The hotel is nice and all but it,s a pain not having access to all our stuff. In fact, I didn't even manage to keep out more than one pair of pants, that will not do! I live in Maine and the weather changes very quickly, so off to the store I went. My find of the day was a wicked cute pair of skinny jeans for $7. I absolutely love a bargain. Anyway, here we are at the hotel making it work. I have my computer, my Maine coon kitty curled up by my feet, my adorable hubby doing his thing and my school books spread out beside me. All in all, things art okay and will only get better.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


it's a rainy september wednesday here in maine. i'm not complaining mind you; i have lots of homework to do and at least i'm not tempted to drag my beloved chop saw outside and work on some projects. i have been a little overwhelmed with things to do lately and need to get focused. in fact, i am supposed to be making a list right now of homework assignments that are due this weel...being here is just more fun though! i have a dilemma and i'm looking for advise. i have been checking the stats of my blog and am pleased to see that people really do come and look. i am wondering how i get more of those lookie loos to follow me. some of my fave blogs have hundreds or thousands of followers, how do they do it? i would love some input!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Chop Saw...

i'm really excited; i got a new tool! i was off at the nail salon getting my french manicure hubby pulls in just as the nails are done drying (he has excellent timing). I went out to the truck and he opened the back door and revealed...wait for it... a chop saw :) yes, it is my very first power tool. he had lots of power tools which i was always a little intimidated about trying. his tools were all stolen so all we were left with were a few hand tools. up until now that is what i was using to build. so we went home and i immediately had to try it out. i'll admit i was a little scared at first, but my hubby is awesome and he showed me how it worked and how to achieve the cuts that i was looking for. so...i spent some time chopping up some scrap wood. recently i saw some picture tiles on a blog (sorry can't remember which one) that i loved. i have been wanting to make some but had no way to cut the wood chips...until now :) i cut up 10 wood chips that were 2"x2". then i got to work picking 20 photos for my chips. after i chose the ones i wanted i edited them to be in black and white and to be 2"x2" to match the tiles. I used modge podge to adhere the pics to the chips. after that was dry i used some black paint and painted the sides and a tiny bit around the pictures as well. then i rough up the edges with some sandpaper. i sealed the pictures with another coat of modge podge. i love how they came out and i can't wait for my grand baby to come see them. she loves looking at photos. i think these will be great little conversation starters for company too.

Monday, August 29, 2011

calm after the storm...

well the tropical storm is long gone. today is absolutely beautiful; the temp is perfect, the sun is shining and i am feeling creative! school starts today. my classes this semester are online so i'm grateful that i don't have to commute this semester. after i am done playing i need to get busy finding out about my classes :)

anyway...i am already looking forward to the holidays and made an excellent Halloween centerpiece for our kitchen table. i really like how it came like?

i also needed something for my paintbrush and doodads so i put together a quick jute wrapped pen cup.

okay, i gotta run; so much to do and so little time :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011


let me start by tooting my own horn... I love this pillow. i think it is so cute from its ruffles to its pretty pink and maroon ribbon. the cover is removable and held together with the ribbon through button holes.

i was anxious to try my hand at ruffles and actually found it harder than it looks. isn't that always the way? anyway, i think these came out cute so i'll be doing some more ruffle projects in the future.

hope you like it!

Monday, August 22, 2011

summer fun...

i haven't checked in for a little while, so here i am! i have been busy with lots of things lately. i am getting ready to head back to school next week. i've had my amazing granddaughter hanging out with us...this includes lots of outdoor fun; slip 'n slide, kiddie pool, sprinkler. she's so fun!

we have also had lots of company. hubby and i love to entertain. this time of year our entertaining always includes a bbq. hubby likes to cook for an army so i have been trying to reimagine new ways to use up those left over burger patties, pork loin and the like. last night we had a delicious homemade pizza with left over bell peppers and chopped jalapeno/cheddar burgers. it was so so good.

i have also been thinking that i need to get back to writing that novel i started back in the spring. i had a goal to finish it by end of summer, but it looks like i will have to push that deadline out a little more.

i do want to get back to my pile of pallets, but i desperately need a chop saw. all i have been working with is a handsaw, ughhh. my hubby's power tools were all stolen so we have to start over :( i did put together a really ugly rustic step stool so the baby can reach the bathroom sink to wash her sweet little hands. it isn't post worthy so i'm not sharing the pic! it will absolutely do the trick though and i'm happy with that :)

i'm off to an appointment so enjoy your monday!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

new project...

i was recently given a shoebox full of various wine corks and i was super excited. i love wine corks; not sure why, just do. so, i grabbed a couple handfuls and started thinking about what to make. i though of a mat to go in front of the kitchen sink, a bulletin board, then coasters.

i grabbed a knife and cutting board and started cutting. i used hot glue to attach the corks to some cork board that i picked up at walmart.

i really like them; and...i sold a pair of them this morning ~ yay!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

saturday afternoon quickie...

okay, another pallet wood project to share. i've been wanting a nice big chunky shelf for quite awhile and the newest pallet cache proved to be a gold mine!

i wanted to distress the finish, but i guess i messed up by priming the box white before painting it red. when i started to scuff it up with the sandpaper, i obviously duh unfortunately could see the white instead of the bare wood. i love the color though so its all good.

happy saturday!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

pallet bench

I was featured at Funky Junk Interiors!

okay, i started today feeling really down. i had a tough time motivating myself off the couch, but i did and i feel much better now! i went out back and started to dismantle the pallets i had left. then hubby came and saw what i was up to and offered his stronger hands...thank goodness.

i saw a bench recently at funky junk interiors and thought it would be awesome in my yard so that was my inspiration.

the first step (after dismantling) was to build the frame

the only wood we used was directly from the pallets so we approximated the measurements and used screws to hold it together. also, the only tool we have at the moment is an antique had saw, so we were sweating up a storm!

the next step was putting on the back. once the slats for the back were cut the only thing left was the slats for the seat and the arms.

i think it came out super cute and added two more seats to our yard which has been desperately needed. lately we have been dragging kitchen chairs out when we have company!!

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I want to create, I really do. I am sitting on the sofa looking around at all the things I should/could be doing bit I can't seem to motivate myself. I'm in a funk plain and simple. I'm letting my troubles get the best of me. I'm really needing some major encouragement. I hate feeling like this...

Monday, August 1, 2011

i love pallets!

here was a super easy project that i had seen at a couple other blogs. i asked my son to bring me home some pallets from work. He is so awesome that he brought them that afternoon! i immediately got to work saw up what i needed to make the two shelves. i used pallet word to fill the bottom of the shelves so my books wouldn't fall through and knock out the cat :)

when i hung them i made sure to screw into studs because they are kinda heavy. they are getting a good response so far!


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Busy busy

I've been busy prettying up our new space and I have to say that I'm really liking how it is turning out! We grabbed this coffee table from craigslist for pretty cheap. I knew I wanted to change it, but it took me a few days of staring at it to decide.

I gave it a coat of bonding primer which I used because I didn't want to sand it. I'm big into instant gratification not so much into prep. I know this is a bad habit, I'm working on it!

Then I gave it a couple coats of a creamy beige paint. Next step was to grab my copy of the graphic I found at graphics fairy and my newly acquired bottle of citrasolv and went to work transferring the image.

This was my first time using this transfer method. It didn't come out as well as I had hoped, but my husband pointed out that it shouldn't be perfect if I am going for a distressed look. Thanks honey, that made me feel better!

Last step was a spray sealer and there it is! I know the pics are horrible, i dig out my digital camera this week and stop using my phone. :)

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

well, i was left to my own devices today. the hubby headed to work and i pulled my sewing machine outta the basement. i've been anxious to practice making ruffles. i see lots of cute things in blogland with ruffles and i didn't know how to make them. so, after searching for tips, i tried it out.

now, this is made from a pillow case which turned out to be the perfect width. i really think its cute and i may make a set and decorate with something cute at graphics fairy. i had to try a few times to make the ruffle work, but it came out fairly decent.

when/if i decide to make a set i think i'll use drop cloth. i really like the color of the drop cloths and they are pretty cheap to use. i'll also use pins (couldn't find my sewing box because we just moved) and make sure it is better tailored to the chair.

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quick project

I love going to yard sales! This saturday turned out a pretty good haul. I got some stuff for my shabby chic upstairs and my prim downstairs. I also found some mason jars, which i love. two of the jars had screw on plastic lids which i hadn't seen before.

when i got home i ran to the storage closet and grabbed a bottle of hand soap and took the pump out of it. i used a drill to make a hole in the middle of the plastic lid then pushed the soap pump thru the hole and screwed the cap onto the glass jar.

i love it!

Friday, July 15, 2011

finally home

I'm finally home and unpacking; such a job! i just want to get everything where it needs to be so i can get to the fun stuff...making new curtains for the livingroom, making a rag rug for the kitchen, building some cool pallet shelves for my cookbooks, build a canopy toddler bed for the babes...the list goes on.
i can't wait to get started!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blurry eyed

It's 2:27am Wednesday morning and we are on a deserted highway headed to Buffalo. I thought I would be home this week but slight hiccup in that plan. We moved into our new apt last weekend and I'm excited to get going on some long awaited projects that will just have to wait a few more days. I have lots of furniture painting to do and curtain making. I can't wait to set up my sewing machine. I found some terrific inspiration out here in blogland and am anxious to try some ideas out. For now, I just want my pillow and blankie!

Monday, July 4, 2011


well, nothing really changes. in my world, that means that everything has changed! I'm still traveling the countryside with my hubby, but we have decided to get the trip short by a couple months. My plan was to stay out with him until September when I go back to school, but I'm home sick!

anyway, we also haven't taken our Ireland trip yet. we are thinking about the week of thanksgiving. we'll see how it goes.

Even if my legs haven't been moving a whole lot, I've been keeping my mind very busy these past several weeks. I starting writing a novel. I am very excited to see it through (hopefully this year). My latest creative brainstorm is that I want to build furniture! I intend to start after hubby and I replace his shop tools that were stolen :(

so...on to the next big thing :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

On the road again...

Well, Tim and I have started an extended journey that will takes us months to complete and bring us to the four corners of the US. We have committed to live in the big rig until I go back to school in September. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


i absolutely cannot wait for our trip to ireland. i have wanted to go there for as long as i can remember. this is going to be so fun!