Wednesday, April 24, 2013

two more weeks until summer break... i can't wait. i miss spilling my commentary all over the blog :) i'm really hoping to get some new things created. every year i want to participate in the area craft fairs, but somehow all my time slips through my fingers and another year passes by craft fairless. this is again a goal for me this year and i am going to make every effort to get a plan for product and get started in june. we'll see how that goes.

anyway, i did finally make a shower curtain (after living here for eight months). better late than never, right? i also made a curtain for the bathroom. i really like them. i am sewing challenged. getting sewing classes is on my long list of things i want to do. but, i was able to stumble through making the curtain.

i also dragged out the dusty cake plate and made a new centerpiece for the kitchen table...

now it's time to study!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

well, it is now January 2013! i have not been blogging in a terribly long time now. school was extremely time consuming this past semester. i have sooo enjoyed my vacation. i go back in a couple weeks.

i miss my power tools! i have completed few projects during vacation. i painted our kitchen table and chairs. i think it is a grand improvement. hubby and i painted one of the kitchen walls red, which i love.

so, now my goal it to work on the bedroom. i have big plans so stay tuned...

i'm back...

September 2012

we'll its been an long summer, but i'm finally home. hubby and i left our apartment at the beach in May and headed out on the road. he's a truck driver so i tagged along. i read thirty books and started crocheting a blanket. then two weeks ago we rented a new apartment. the timing was tough because i started school again this week. hubby and i had projects every single day right up until last weekend. the carpet were replaced and i had to do lots of cleaning.

however, i did get a few fun projects done too...

i made some livingroom curtains with the ever popular drop cloth! hubby wasn't sure that i hadn't lost my mind, but they turned out very cute if i do say so myself.