Sunday, April 29, 2012


wow, i am tired! today has been a super busy day and i'm so looking forward to bedtime :) the day started with an early visit from my mother-in-law, my daughter and my sweet little granddaughter. it was a nice visit. after they left around 11am my husband started packing up getting ready to leave for his week on the road. off he went at noon :'(

then after all the excitement i was, i started working. i have been a little busy in my etsy store in the last couple weeks (yay). i had to finish sanding and painting three step stools, then i scrubbed labels off wine bottles and painted one set
black and, just for kicks, painted another set green white and orange to show my Irish pride. i updated my etsy account, made dinner, ate and now here i am!

shower and pj's are next on my to do list. i have to try to wash some of this paint off my hands, and forarms, and

Thursday, April 19, 2012

shutter fun...

i recently mentioned some old red shutters that i planned on working with soon...well i finally did something with them :) Four of them got painted light pink and went up on the wall behind our bed as a it.
i had two more so i decided to pull out my ever favorite chalkboard paint and have a go at it. as you can see, i painted the border white and used the chalkboard paint in the middle. i like it. i'm putting in in my etsy shop and see if anyone else likes it too :)

Friday, April 6, 2012

my favorite obsession...

i have had a pretty good day today all-in-all. i miss my other half; he is away :( i had a crappy night sleep last night. i tossed and turned and woke up sweaty. gross, i know :) anyway, i got up and got motivated! i went to the post office and mailed out an etsy order then i came home and started building two new step stools. i felt good being out in the sun with my power tools. things have been very stressful around here lately and i needed to feel better.
see those red shutters in the back? those are a project in waiting. i am going to paint them pale pink and hang them above my bed. by the way...i have the best husband for lots of reasons but, he is awesome because he doesn't care that our bedroom is all pink and girlie :) thank you honey!

in the middle of my stool project my daughter and granddaughter dropped in. my granddaughter is my favorite obsession :) i adore that child so much it hurts (but in a good way)! she is such an amazing kid. i suppose we all say that about ours but i'm positive she is pretty much the smartest two year old in the history of two year olds :) they stopped at the mall today and visited the easter bunny and brought me a it. she's being a little goofy, but he is a really big bunny to a little bitty girl!

life is hard, but i'm focusing on the sweets bits...

Sunday, April 1, 2012

foot prettiness...

is prettiness a word? i think not, but that's what i'm going with anyway! i recently thought it would be fun to try my hand at a little jewelry making. i am a barefoot kina girl so naturally i thought a pretty little foot jewelry was just the ticket. what i found out...

1. it is very tedious
2. i don't have very good lighting in my kitchen
3. not as fun as it looks

while i think the foot thingy is pretty i will NOT be making another one any time soon. it was too time consuming to be fun for my instant gratification self. i am working on a bracelt though, which is going much quicker. the stretch cord that i used on the foot thing was too hard for me to work with, but the bracelet wire is much easier.

dry sink...

hubby and i recently picked up a dry sink. i've been wanting one for a long time, but never came across one for a cheap good price. i found this one on craigslist and really like it. it is painted white at the moment so i think i will be repainting is to match better in our kitchen. not sure if i will go with a nice primitive red or primitive green.
i have a shoe box half full of wine corks and i thought they would like pretty darn cool as a surface cover on the dry sink. i glued the corks (cut in half) onto sheets of cork then set the sheets onto the surface. i didn't want to permanently adhere the corks to the dry sink as this would be a nightmare if i changed my mind later (which i often do).
i love how it came out :) we are now using it as a liquor cabinet so the wine corks seem ever more appropriate!