Thursday, November 3, 2011

the wedding dress...dun dun dun

well, hubby and i have moved into the tiniest apartment we have every lived in and we love it! the challenge is weeding out things we have been dragging around for years that we no longer have room to store. one of these things is my wedding dress. i love, love, love my dress. it is very me and very princessie...i have decided to turn it into something(s) else so that i can enjoy the dress daily instead of it wasting away in a bag. there are my ideas so far... make a couple pillowcase with a tulle ruffle make some satin flowers to decorate a headband make little tulle poms to decorate my christmas tree make some big poms to decorate my bedroom create a small veil for the eventual vow renewal i'm open to any and all ideas pertaining to what i have mentioned or something i haven't thought of yet! Please feel free to share your creativity with me...

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