Tuesday, March 27, 2012

a love story...

hmmm...letting some personal thoughts spill out today because i need a little self therapy.

my adorable hubby and i have been together almost nine years. we both feel absolutely blessed to have found each other. we are a perfect match. but, i realized today that we have become very comfortable in our relationship. comfort is not a bad thing. it is a really nice warm feeling to be comfortable but...

i suddenly realize that i don't do the little thing i used to do to make him feel special. i used to leave him little notes, pick him up little gifts so he would know that i was thinking of him even when we weren't together, etc. a couple months ago i made an I love you because... frame. i hung it in the bathroom and we used it a lot. i love the little notes that he leaves me and i love it when he takes the time to leave a thought for me.
as of today, i don't think i'm doing enough. as many couples in todays economic world we have tons to worry about and lots on our minds. i want to get back to where i am fully aware of how lucky i am, in spite of our worries, to be married to my best friend.

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