Tuesday, June 12, 2012

my american dream…

I was one of those people who once bought into the “american dream.” then I realized it was all a crock of crap that the government has been trying to tie us down with since the beginning. Is it really our dream to be in debt to mortgage companies, credit card companies, landlords, tax collectors, etc? I think NOT. even if you buy your house and are fortunate enough to pay it off before you die, you never really own it. try not paying your property taxes and you will quickly find out who really owns “your” house!

when the bottom fell out of my hubby’s industry a few years ago I decided it was time for me to go back to school. I have completed 3 years now with 2 years to go. now, almost on a daily basis we remind ourselves that our situation will be better….someday. I am so damned tired of waiting for someday.

when will it ever be our turn? I mean I’m not asking for much. i want a steady job for both of us, a decent place to live where I can build projects and plant flowers. I want my kids to be able to come for dinner on sundays and sit around the table laughing and loving each others company. I want to be able to afford gas for my car, food in the fridge and the occasional date night. THAT IS MY AMERICAN DREAM!!

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  1. I stumbled across this blog and found your pallet bench I would love to make. I sympathize with your situation and commend you for all your efforts and desire to work, etc.. You have talents that most people do not have!! An idea for you! I'm not sure if you already have an etsy site, but... one idea that came to mind, is sell your designs! Many people love to craft but don't know how. Sell a patter and tutorial of HOW to make the bench - or anything else. Etsy allows people to sell patterns in digital format. If you can put this together as a step by step with clear photos... measurements and such interesting to read instructions then put it in a pdf doc, you could sell the how to doc on etsy. I'd buy it! :) (btw - there are no pallet tutorials on etsy right now that I could find) I have sold patterns on etsy - SO easy - you make it once and you can sell it over and over and over... I have a shop on there now www.wirewrap.etsy.com so if you have any questions about etsy you could contact me more at shanna.dave at g mail dot com :) You are just so talented that I was so sad to read about your struggles. There are options <3