Wednesday, July 4, 2012

who am i...

i am back on the genealogy trail! i have been interested in tracking my roots for several years and have made some very interesting discoveries along the way. i found three siblings that my dad didn't know he had...imagine that conversation! we have since met two of the three. i am most amazed at how nature not nuture has affected the personalities of these siblings. although some of them were not raised by their mutual father, some show amazing similarities to that man. i so wish my grandmother had still be alive when i made this discovery. i would love to have asked her if she knew about the other children of her husband...perhaps that was the reason for their short marriage all those years ago.

i have hit a road block with my father's line. they settled quite close to where i live now...just a couple towns away, in fact. i have found a few pictures and have seen pictures of some of the family plots. last night i started to pull up my mom's line on and was thrilled to find that someone has done it for me! they had traced the line back to Canada and England. my father's family came from Ireland. I now want to know where my paternal grandmother's line came from. i was always told she was Scottish, but a quick search didn't pull up anything. i guess i'll have to do actual research to figure her out...library bound!

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