Tuesday, March 27, 2012

a love story...

hmmm...letting some personal thoughts spill out today because i need a little self therapy.

my adorable hubby and i have been together almost nine years. we both feel absolutely blessed to have found each other. we are a perfect match. but, i realized today that we have become very comfortable in our relationship. comfort is not a bad thing. it is a really nice warm feeling to be comfortable but...

i suddenly realize that i don't do the little thing i used to do to make him feel special. i used to leave him little notes, pick him up little gifts so he would know that i was thinking of him even when we weren't together, etc. a couple months ago i made an I love you because... frame. i hung it in the bathroom and we used it a lot. i love the little notes that he leaves me and i love it when he takes the time to leave a thought for me.
as of today, i don't think i'm doing enough. as many couples in todays economic world we have tons to worry about and lots on our minds. i want to get back to where i am fully aware of how lucky i am, in spite of our worries, to be married to my best friend.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

ahhh spring...

it has been an amazingly warm winter here in maine and spring is no exception. we had highs in the 70's this week, which is unheard of. i am absolutely loving it! our summer's are so short here that i will take every single extra nice day we can get.

we really enjoy like sitting outside around a crackling fire. we moved to our current place in october which usually would not have stopped us from burning as we usually burn year round. but, for some reason we didn't bother setting up a fire pit...until today!

hubby and i bought one of those bowl pits from walmart then we took a ride down to a local gravel pit and found some perfect rocks for our project.
after we hauled a few home, hubby started to surround the hole he dug with the rocks. after surrounding the hole he poured some smaller rocks into the pit.
the only thing left to do was to set the pit into the hole, sit back and enjoy!

bring on the fire...