Sunday, July 17, 2011

well, i was left to my own devices today. the hubby headed to work and i pulled my sewing machine outta the basement. i've been anxious to practice making ruffles. i see lots of cute things in blogland with ruffles and i didn't know how to make them. so, after searching for tips, i tried it out.

now, this is made from a pillow case which turned out to be the perfect width. i really think its cute and i may make a set and decorate with something cute at graphics fairy. i had to try a few times to make the ruffle work, but it came out fairly decent.

when/if i decide to make a set i think i'll use drop cloth. i really like the color of the drop cloths and they are pretty cheap to use. i'll also use pins (couldn't find my sewing box because we just moved) and make sure it is better tailored to the chair.

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