Monday, August 22, 2011

summer fun...

i haven't checked in for a little while, so here i am! i have been busy with lots of things lately. i am getting ready to head back to school next week. i've had my amazing granddaughter hanging out with us...this includes lots of outdoor fun; slip 'n slide, kiddie pool, sprinkler. she's so fun!

we have also had lots of company. hubby and i love to entertain. this time of year our entertaining always includes a bbq. hubby likes to cook for an army so i have been trying to reimagine new ways to use up those left over burger patties, pork loin and the like. last night we had a delicious homemade pizza with left over bell peppers and chopped jalapeno/cheddar burgers. it was so so good.

i have also been thinking that i need to get back to writing that novel i started back in the spring. i had a goal to finish it by end of summer, but it looks like i will have to push that deadline out a little more.

i do want to get back to my pile of pallets, but i desperately need a chop saw. all i have been working with is a handsaw, ughhh. my hubby's power tools were all stolen so we have to start over :( i did put together a really ugly rustic step stool so the baby can reach the bathroom sink to wash her sweet little hands. it isn't post worthy so i'm not sharing the pic! it will absolutely do the trick though and i'm happy with that :)

i'm off to an appointment so enjoy your monday!

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