Monday, August 29, 2011

calm after the storm...

well the tropical storm is long gone. today is absolutely beautiful; the temp is perfect, the sun is shining and i am feeling creative! school starts today. my classes this semester are online so i'm grateful that i don't have to commute this semester. after i am done playing i need to get busy finding out about my classes :)

anyway...i am already looking forward to the holidays and made an excellent Halloween centerpiece for our kitchen table. i really like how it came like?

i also needed something for my paintbrush and doodads so i put together a quick jute wrapped pen cup.

okay, i gotta run; so much to do and so little time :)


  1. love those bottles-it looks like chalkboard paint, is it?

  2. Actually no it isn't chalkboard paint. I love flat black spray paint so that's what I used.

    Thanks for stopping by!