Monday, September 19, 2011

its been awhile...

I feel bad that I haven't written lately. even if I am the only one reaing it! Things have very out of sorts for us over the last couple weeks. We found out on a Thursday that we needed to naive out of our apt by the following Sunday. Needless to say, this was pretty stressful news. We hot the uhaul, some beer and some friends and we knocked it out. So, now all our stuff is in storage and we are at a hotel until we find another place. The hotel is nice and all but it,s a pain not having access to all our stuff. In fact, I didn't even manage to keep out more than one pair of pants, that will not do! I live in Maine and the weather changes very quickly, so off to the store I went. My find of the day was a wicked cute pair of skinny jeans for $7. I absolutely love a bargain. Anyway, here we are at the hotel making it work. I have my computer, my Maine coon kitty curled up by my feet, my adorable hubby doing his thing and my school books spread out beside me. All in all, things art okay and will only get better.

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