Thursday, September 1, 2011

Chop Saw...

i'm really excited; i got a new tool! i was off at the nail salon getting my french manicure hubby pulls in just as the nails are done drying (he has excellent timing). I went out to the truck and he opened the back door and revealed...wait for it... a chop saw :) yes, it is my very first power tool. he had lots of power tools which i was always a little intimidated about trying. his tools were all stolen so all we were left with were a few hand tools. up until now that is what i was using to build. so we went home and i immediately had to try it out. i'll admit i was a little scared at first, but my hubby is awesome and he showed me how it worked and how to achieve the cuts that i was looking for. so...i spent some time chopping up some scrap wood. recently i saw some picture tiles on a blog (sorry can't remember which one) that i loved. i have been wanting to make some but had no way to cut the wood chips...until now :) i cut up 10 wood chips that were 2"x2". then i got to work picking 20 photos for my chips. after i chose the ones i wanted i edited them to be in black and white and to be 2"x2" to match the tiles. I used modge podge to adhere the pics to the chips. after that was dry i used some black paint and painted the sides and a tiny bit around the pictures as well. then i rough up the edges with some sandpaper. i sealed the pictures with another coat of modge podge. i love how they came out and i can't wait for my grand baby to come see them. she loves looking at photos. i think these will be great little conversation starters for company too.

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