Tuesday, December 27, 2011

moving on...

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okay, christmas is over and my etsy store needs some serious attention. so do some projects around the house. hubby and i needed a new bed frame. i have been looking on craigslist for a new one without much luck. we dont have room for a headboard and foodboard, only a frame. our other obstacle is that since our apartment is so tiny, we need all the storage we can possibly carve out. so...we decided to build a new frame that would be high enough to allow us to put storage bins underneath.

we started with the essentials...a nice glass of pinot grigio for the mrs and a corona for the mr.

then it was time to get down to bed frame business! first order was to build the "box." we have a queen sized bed so the measurements were 60x80. hubby is so cute in blue :)

the next step was to add some supports to the corners to help the legs with stability. then we added the center supports. we had originally planned to add strapping across the supports, but realized we didn't really need them.

next we built the legs by simply securing two 2x4's together and securing to the frame. it came out exactly like we wanted and it hides an abundance of junkexcellent stuff underneath :)now i need to build a step so i can get in and out!!

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