Thursday, December 29, 2011

step stool...

whew...busy day! my hubby is away and i've been super busy working on some projects. later today my precious baby granddaughter is coming to spend the night so i wanted to get my step stool built and clean-up before she gets here. after hubby and i built our new bed frame that is very high i decided that a little step stool would be a cute addition in the bedroom. yesterday i took a ride to home depot and picked up some wood, glue, and wood filler. this is the first wood working project that i have worked on by myself without any help from hubby so i was pretty excited to see how i did. it was a learning experience that i very much enjoyed. these are my bits with their intial cuts done...
I started by using my jig saw to create the shape i wanted for the sides of the stool. i must admit that the cuts were not 100% perfect, but i was still very happy with it. next came a hurdle. i have never drilled pilot home or countersunk screws so i had to figure out (through trial and error) with bits would be best for the pilot holes and the countersinking. Yay, figured it would pretty quickly. then i attached the support pieces. at this point i was pretty proud of myself!
all that was left of the build was to attach to treads. super easy part. then i took it outside and gave it a good so i thought sanding. it is really cold out today, low 20's but i was anxious and impatient (i love instant gradification) so i decided to paint it too. i mean how could i stop when i was so close to doneness?!
woo hoo my first solo build. may not seem like much, but i'm thrilled :) what i learned... i need to sand better, i need more practice with the jigsaw, and gloves are a must when i spray paint...completely wrecked my manicure :|

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