Friday, February 10, 2012

more pallet furniture...

i woke feeling a bit crabby this morning. my hubby did something that caused me to happens. i got up made some coffee and decided that i wasn't going to waste my day brooding over something that i can't change.

so, i grabbed some tools and heading into the back yard to build myself a new bench for the yard. i've made a couple others and sold them leaving us nothing to sit on! i started by tearing apart my pallets and sorting the usable wood. then me and hubby went to work on the bench.

it really was just one of those days...first the screw heads kept breaking so i decided to pre-drill the holes. then the bit broke...errr 1st trip to the hardware store i bought some wood screws that were more heavy duty than the ones i had been using. came home, started to screw in the new screw and it broke!! what the @#$%^?

next trip to the lumber yard. i bought eight 2x4 studs. brought the studs home and started the whole project over again. We cut the 2x4's and started assembling again. this worked much better. within a little while the frame was made and we started on the seat and back. i adapted my design for this bench making it lower to the ground. i also went with a staggered height for the back. i really, really like this design.
when the bench was done hubby went in because he's been sick with a cold and needed to lay down. i started to pick up the tools when hubby told me not to leave 2x4's outside. hmmmm, idea...

i decided that since everything was already out i would build a table to sit in front of the bench. yay! it worked up super fast and i had just enough scraps to cover the top. i love it and am thrilled to have a seat in the yard again!


  1. LOVE them!!! love,love,love! Any more ideas to post? :-)

    1. Soon, I hope! I've been traveling all summer; now it's time to get back to work...stay tuned!