Wednesday, February 1, 2012

toy box...

i have been wanting to build a wooden toy box for my grandbaby for quite awhile now. her toys have been piled up in the corner of my livingroom for months, yuck. so i thought about what style of box i wanted... i didn't want something plastic or press wood. i decided on using pallet wood...just because i love pallet wood!

my hubby did most of the work on this project, which was pretty nice actually. i told him what i was thinking and he did it; imagine that?!

well, now the box is done and loaded with toys. it is a bit bigger than i had imagined and hubby didn't want to put a cover on it cuz he though she might get hurt on it. i plan on looking at it for awhile and then deciding if it will be re-purposed into a fire wood bin :)

i'll post pics soon.

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