Sunday, April 29, 2012


wow, i am tired! today has been a super busy day and i'm so looking forward to bedtime :) the day started with an early visit from my mother-in-law, my daughter and my sweet little granddaughter. it was a nice visit. after they left around 11am my husband started packing up getting ready to leave for his week on the road. off he went at noon :'(

then after all the excitement i was, i started working. i have been a little busy in my etsy store in the last couple weeks (yay). i had to finish sanding and painting three step stools, then i scrubbed labels off wine bottles and painted one set
black and, just for kicks, painted another set green white and orange to show my Irish pride. i updated my etsy account, made dinner, ate and now here i am!

shower and pj's are next on my to do list. i have to try to wash some of this paint off my hands, and forarms, and

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