Friday, April 6, 2012

my favorite obsession...

i have had a pretty good day today all-in-all. i miss my other half; he is away :( i had a crappy night sleep last night. i tossed and turned and woke up sweaty. gross, i know :) anyway, i got up and got motivated! i went to the post office and mailed out an etsy order then i came home and started building two new step stools. i felt good being out in the sun with my power tools. things have been very stressful around here lately and i needed to feel better.
see those red shutters in the back? those are a project in waiting. i am going to paint them pale pink and hang them above my bed. by the way...i have the best husband for lots of reasons but, he is awesome because he doesn't care that our bedroom is all pink and girlie :) thank you honey!

in the middle of my stool project my daughter and granddaughter dropped in. my granddaughter is my favorite obsession :) i adore that child so much it hurts (but in a good way)! she is such an amazing kid. i suppose we all say that about ours but i'm positive she is pretty much the smartest two year old in the history of two year olds :) they stopped at the mall today and visited the easter bunny and brought me a it. she's being a little goofy, but he is a really big bunny to a little bitty girl!

life is hard, but i'm focusing on the sweets bits...

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