Monday, May 28, 2012

on the road…

well, we set out last monday for a road trip. it has now been eight days out and I have welcome to ncto say that I am anxious to get back home. I used to really enjoy these trips but the glossiness seems to have worn off…

I do enjoy heading southwest though. we originally were thinking we’d be going to north carolina and heading back to maine. however, as often happens, we were redirected to laredo, tx. I haven’t been to texas in oil rig texasquite awhile so I was looking forward to it.

I saw lots of prickly pear cactus, which are my favorite cactuses :) I also saw an oil pump which is always kinda cool. the weather was super hot and very different from maine! we didn’t see anything out of the ordinary, although I did see a poor little armadillo dead on the side of the road. come to think of it, I’ve never seen a live armadillo.kitty

we took our cat, princess fiona, with us. she found cozy little spots in the truck to hide away. occasionally she graced us with her presence by sitting on the dash while we were driving.

oh, I have to tell you about the restaurant we stopped at in louisiana! they had the usual burgers and steaks and whatnot, then I noticed a card on the table photoadvertising the special of the day…GATOR BURGERS! now I am aware that people in different parts of the country eat local delicacies, but alligator? I wasn’t have any part of it. I had the chicken fingers :)

we are now in louisville, ky heading back north. I’m ready to get home and start building lots of stuff to sell at the flea market!

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