Sunday, January 1, 2012


i had such high hopes for this past week. i wanted to create some new projects, pack away the christmas decorations, get the tree outside and the like. then i got sick :( i was able to get a couple things done. i made a step stool so i can climb up into our awesome bed (check out the post on the new bedframe). I got the tree outside and vacuumed needles out of the rug multiple times :) i had my beautiful, amazing, and brilliant granddaughter over for a night. then it happened...i developed a horrendous cold/flu and was down for the next three days. i was completely miserable, but i'm finally over the hump and getting better. although i did think i was going to puke in walmart today :b thankfully that didn't happen. i'm looking forward to a new year...i'm looking forward to an adventurous year! peace & love

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