Sunday, January 8, 2012


it's getting pretty cold up here in the northeast and i've been needing a scarf so i took a swing into michael's crafts and found some beautiful chunky soft yarn that was perfect for a scarf. i also grabbed a size K crochet hook. i brought it all home and sat in from of the TV tuned my favorite afternoon past time...judge judy :)

i worked this scarf up in just a few short hours and i absolutely love it. it is super soft and warm. my daughter saw it today and loved it so i will be back at michael's tomorrow for another batch of yarn.


  1. HI!!! LOVE ths scarf!!!! I am your newest follower and would LOVE for you to stop by and see what you think!!! PLEASE give me some feedback on my blog!!!! THANKS!!!

  2. That is such a gorgeous scarf! I am so jealous you made it. So, so pretty!!

    1. thank you! i was super simple, do you crochet?