Sunday, January 15, 2012

wow that was scary...

okay i pride myself on software knowledge but i really have no idea about the guts that reside in my laptop. recently, my laptop starting overheating and shutting down. well, i can't have that. my plan was to take it to the geek squad tomorrow and have them check it out. however, i am a very impatient person and like to solve problems on my own so...
i googled it! so i got a diagram of how to dig deep and get to the fan. i was able to get it all apart, i cleaned a big lint ball out of the fan and put her all back together. it turns on! success. i'll have to wait a little while to see if the fan kicks in or if it shuts down but i'm proud of myself for taking on the challenge. so now, if it doesn't work, i can tell the geek squad that i already cleaned the fan and they will be so impressed...right?!!


  1. O......M........G!!!!!! I can NOT even touch my HTML on my blog!! I pay a friend to do it!!! LOL!!! That is AWESOME!!!!!
    Todd would LOVE to live in Maine!! Although we visited a few years ago and the people were VERY rude and made fun of us for being from the South!!! Not in a fun, kidding way either!!!!
    I have also started a blog critique by fellow bloggers!! You should stop by and check it out!! Sign up if you like!! ;0

    1. lol i am an impatient kinda girl! i'm so sorry about your unpleasant trip to Maine. i'm actually quite surprised because we are usually such a decent bunch. where in maine did you visit?