Sunday, January 15, 2012

i love an irish pub...

hubby and i had a blast the other night! we stopped at our favorite local pub feile here in wells. i love the building this restaurant/pub is in. it was built approx 1800. i love old buildings they have so much character.
i wore my best pirate boots (yes, i said pirate! i bought these in the clearance halloween section. i often shop in the halloween section) and braved the wind and snow...perhaps not the best combo but i do have a goal of wearing heels more often :) so off we went.
our friend tom was bartending and he's an excellent bartender; always suggesting great new beers plus he makes kickass cosmos.
we had some irish nachos which were amazingly delicious. then we made some new friends while we listen to silly people do karaoke. now i have been known to partake in the karaoke, but luckily i didn't go that way friday night. believe me, it isn't pretty!

so anyway, i highly recommend stopping in feile's if you are in the area.

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